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Truth to Power

Truth to Power cultivates teen activism and community participation through social justice podcasts and transformative projects. 

Our values are: passion, leadership, perseverance, and solidarity

About Us

Truth to Power Club is a group of High School students located in Ashland, Oregon. In a world wrought by climate change and inequities, we speak our truth to all the proponents of power in modern America. We organize around common values; lend our energy, passion, and intelligence to movements; advance inclusive and diverse conversations; and seek to cultivate positive changes for our local community. 

In 2020, we submitted “Popping the Bubble” to NPR’s Student Podcast Challenge, planting the first seeds of Truth to Power. We were awarded Honorable Mention for this episode, which examines teen anxiety in the context of school safety and violence, the inheritances of climate change, and the pandemic shutdown. Amidst the protests for racial justice across the nation, a summer under quarantine, and the Almeda Fire, the group continued and grew.


We have committed to represent diverse perspectives and explore a daunting series of local issues in Tea, Toast, and Truth, including the war in Ukraine; homelessness in Ashland; and a three-part series on the experiences of the Almeda Fire. To accompany each podcast, we execute at least one service project that improves the lives of our neighbors and promotes social justice.

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