Developing service projects for each of our podcast episodes, Truth to Power suppports its words with action and gives back to the surrounding community.

We have committed to “Our Promise to Aidan” in response to the murder of Aidan Ellison, a Black teenager and former student of Ashland High School. We are pursuing a variety of service projects to fulfill this promise, including the projects listed below with an asterisk. (*)


Our Promise to Aidan: We vow to never forget you. We commit to ensuring that your death will catalyze a transformation in our town. We will use our voices and the opportunities afforded us to stand with the people of color in our community. We will fight to honor you and all of the others who have fallen victim to the systemic racism that is ingrained in our valley. We will fight to be better.

Current projects


Oregon’s History of Racism* - An examination of the White supremacy and exclusion laws in our state of Oregon


The Almeda Fires – A three-part series including the experiences of emergency responders, single mothers, activists, and teens.


First Love – A reminder of the beautiful things that exist simultaneously with the more intense topics of most of our podcasts


Inside Truth to Power – A "mini-sode" day-in-the-life of our club

"Stereotyped" – A mini-series featuring students at AHS debunking their own stereotypes

Teen Death – A focus on the importance of community coming together to grieve and make change in the face of recent teen death

Foster Care System - A look into the Foster Care System in the Rogue Valley, with stories from foster parents, DSU, and foster kids themselves



BIPOC Celebration Mural* – A memorial to Aidan Ellison that honors the leadership and contributions of BIPOC from the Rogue Valley.

Ongoing support for the houseless – Club participation and organization around surveying, food distribution, and shelter support. 

Menstrual Dignity Act - Working with our school to provide free pads and tampons in everything bathroom on campus

KSKQ - Starting a live radio segment in our town

Past Projects

Antiracism workshops* 

As a part of ‘Our Promise to Aidan’, we organized a series of workshops on anti-racism led by Danielle LoPresti and Akeel Williams. The first workshop invited attendees to recognize and understand race and racism, while the second emphasized antiracist action. These workshops were attended by over 200 community members.

13th screening and discussion* 

Over Zoom, we screened Ava DuVernay’s documentary, which examines the evolution of racism in the United States and mass incarceration. After the screening, we hosted a discussion featuring leaders from from Partnership for Safety and Justice, Siskiyou Abolition Project, and The Exiled Voice podcast.

Black History Month Schoolwide Video Lesson 

Although Black History Month typically celebrates the contributions of Black people throughout the past, we wanted to honor the Black activists and leaders of the Rogue Valley who are currently making history by serving our communities. Here is the video that we created. 

Supply Drive for Our Houseless Neighbors 

Partnering with community member Vanessa Houk, we gathered needed materials for Ashland’s houseless population. This was our first group project that was catalyzed by our first group podcast: "Seeing Homeless".  

Rogue Food Unites

The club organized volunteer work to help feed those affected by the Almeda fires. 

Fire Preparedness Trainings 

We presented a series of three workshops on Fire and Emergency Preparedness to provide our community with tools to protect themselves and their neighbors during fire season.