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Anya Moore

Club Founder and Co-President

Anya has always had a passion for social justice issues and leadership, finding creative ways to combine the two. As a founding member of Rogue Climate Action Team, a youth group working together for climate justice in Southern Oregon, Anya has led multiple student body protests to increase climate change awareness, planned ongoing campaigns against the Jordan Cove pipeline, and provided aid to families who lost their homes in the recent Almeda fires. Now a sophomore at AHS, Anya has co-created Ashland High School's Truth to Power club with Isadora Millay with the intention of increasing awareness and facilitating compassionate debate around social justice issues in Southern Oregon. Throughout middle school and high school, Anya has been a part of school Leadership, elected ASB Treasurer in her sophomore year and ASB Secretary and Media Manager in her junior year. Anya also loves to dance and, in addition to attending classes regularly, she has performed in Danceworks’ annual showcase for seven years running. Anya recently joined the Ashland City Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission, where she is excited to directly participate in the town's local government. When Anya is not busy with all of the aforementioned pursuits, she is happily hanging out with her friends, hiking on the trails, or preparing for her drivers license test and trying to not give her mother a heart attack while doing so. 

Shane Abrams

Faculty Advisor

Shane Abrams is a classroom teacher at Ashland High School. After cutting his teeth at a high school for at-risk youth in Colorado, he taught literature & composition at Portland State University and Portland Community College for four years and authored a writing textbook before moving to Ashland. He is grateful for the community he’s discovered in the Rogue Valley but is also eager to confront the systems of oppression woven through Southern Oregon’s history and present.

Isadora Millay

Club Founder and Co-President

Isadora Millay has an insatiable thirst for creation and knowledge. She immerses herself within the world, experiencing as much as she can to learn, grow, and initiate meaningful projects. One of Isadora’s most beloved creative outlets is dance: she most recently performed in a MAP-funded dance-theatre work, The (w)Hole, and is currently using dance to get out all her energy after sitting in front of a computer screen for school all day. On the topic of school, Isadora loves her classes and teachers at AHS and has found much enjoyment in joining various clubs and teams to broaden her outreach and experience. Last year, Isadora worked with a group of friends to submit an entry into NPR’s student podcast challenge. She was inspired by her prior work in Cave Junction, where she was a co-creator and producer of 30 live radio shows for the teen-led Empower Hour, including her original podcast series Change for a Change. Isa and her friends won Honorable Mention from the NPR challenge, and the outcome produced something much more valuable. With the help of her friend, Anya Moore, Isadora set to work creating Ashland High School's very first podcast and social justice club. Filled with incredibly passionate individuals, Truth to Power hopes to create real change within the community and raise the voices of those who are far less heard.


Sarah Im

Club Member, Social Media Manager

As a student and a teen, Sarah is always striving to learn as much as she can to grow. Sarah grew up and lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 14 years before moving to Ashland in 2019. From then on she has been enjoying exploring and learning something new about the community every day. For hobbies, she loves to read, listen to and play music, and take photos with her cameras. She joined truth to power looking to meet new people and spread awareness about the injustices within the community and is excited to be a part of an amazing club that does just that!

Tara Vivrett

Club Member, Media Liaison
Tara Vivrett is a sophomore at Ashland High School who has always been active in school sports and volunteer work. She joined truth to power because she saw how deeply rooted racism is in southern Oregon and wanted to make an active change while working with her friends. She is excited to make a difference in a positive environment and bond with fellow members while also confronting the problems within the community

Club Member, Treasurer​

Kena Robertshaw is a driven student who treasures her education, dedicatedly plays water polo, and has an intense passion to express her opinion. After attending John Muir Outdoor School from K-8th grade she has always felt at home in the forest, spending her summers backpacking and avidly exploring the solitude that one can experience in the wild. She is delighted to explore her future and to currently be working with such bright minds and beautiful people in the Ashland High School. 


Zia Brandstetter

Member Emeritus

Zia Brandstetter has lived in Ashland for 6 years and is an AHS junior, a fairly new member of Truth to Power, and a former board member of QSA. She is also an aspiring musician and artist and has been involved in the Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon, won a place in the OMEA Solo and Ensemble Competition, and was involved in band leadership and event planning. She loves anything to do with music, art, politics, women, fruit, and 70s fashion, and is so excited to have the opportunity to be further involved in the community.

Simone Starbird

Club Member

Simone Starbird joined Truth to Power amidst the chaos of the 2020-2021 school year hoping for an outlet to help create the change she longed to see. Through the club she has not only found just that, but also a group of motivated and driven students working to better their community. She is grateful for and proud of the work the club has done so far and is eager to keep working and making change. 

Mirandah Davis-Powell

Club Member, Blog Author

Mirandah Davis-Powell is a junior at Ashland High School. In addition to being an Editor of the school’s paper The Rogue News, she joined Isadora and Anya alongside their peers in the spring of 2020 to submit their first podcast to the NPR Student Podcast Challenge in which they received an honorable mention. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, playing guitar and getting out of the house when safe.

Kena Robertshaw

Loren Thompson 

Club Member

Loren Thompson is currently a sophomore at Ashland High School who loves spending time with her friends and family and doing anything outdoors. She is so excited to be working with Truth to Power Club and to be getting more involved in the Ashland community.

Izzy Cantu 

Club Member 

 Izzy has lived around the valley for 5 years and has a love for everything the Northwest has to offer. She has strived to better her surrounding community since her youth and wants to continue doing so through her Sophomore year of high school. Izzy is currently a co-coach at Le-Cirque Center where she shares her love and passion for the arts to a wide assortment of the youth in the valley. Her hobbies include aerial, stilts, astronomy, cooking, traveling, and especially antiquing. Izzy hopes to use her opportunities in Truth to Power Club to create lasting change in not only her present community, but many others to come.

Ella Gibs 

Club Member

Ella Gibbs is a sophomore at AHS this year. She loves to dance, drink tea, and get to know new people. Getting involved in local issues, working to create change in the community, and, of course, meeting cool people through Truth to Power club have been some of her favorite high school experiences so far. She especially enjoys listening to people’s stories through interviews and podcasts for club projects.

Eliyanna Tyler
Club Member

Eliyanna is going into junior year with a positive attitude and cheerful smile! She’s lived in Ashland for a little over 6 year and has been wanting to make a different in the city she loves! Some of her favorite activities are singing, baking, listening to music, jujitsu and aerial dancing! The reasons she joined Truth to Power was because she saw her amazing peers bringing awareness to community issues and was inspired to start change now!

Amelie Duetz

Club Member, Secretary

Amelie moved to Ashland from a German city when she was seven, forcing her to adapt to a new culture and way of life which has helped her discover one of her biggest passions: learning about, observing, and connecting with new people. Currently, Amelie serves as the Secretary of Ashland High School’s Truth to Power Club and also enjoys interviewing and scriptwriting within the club. In her free time, Amelie loves being creative and riding horses, reading, playing her flute, spending time with her friends and family, volunteering for pressing issues in her community (such as supporting fire victims and houseless folks), and researching places she would like to visit in hopes of encountering diverse cultures and new people. Amelie uses her passions for music, interpersonal connections, traveling, and the arts, along with her drive to support her community in hopes of bettering herself, her peers, and societies around the world.

Sophia Varley 

Club Member

Sophia is someone who is always looking to try something new. So when she had the chance to join Truth to Power, of course she did. Sophia works on social media in the club and loves finding creative ways to do things. She hopes to someday pursue a career in a creative field

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Asia Lieberman
Club Member

Asia Rain Lieberman was born and raised in the Rogue Valley and is currently a Sophomore at Ashland High School. She believes in keeping an open mind to see multiple perspectives and treating people and the environment with kindness. She values adventure, authenticity, compassion and courage. Asia joined Truth to Power Club because she wants to work with other teens to talk about difficult and important issues in a constructive manner. In her free time, she loves to create art, dance and explore nature.  

Rogue Kirkwood
Club Member

Rogue Kirkwood is a freshman at Ashland High School who recently joined the Truth to Power club to contribute to his community. In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors and art and for physical activity enjoys snowboarding and skateboarding. 

Mason Decker 

Member Emeritus

Mason Decker is a senior at Ashland High School. He’s interested in local history and geography and spends his free time playing the drums.

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